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Oil and Gas Solutions

Many industries have turned to RFSCADA units over the years. Here are some of our product solutions and product installations over the years. More information is available in our Typical Field Installations Brochure.

Variable Speed/Frequency Drive

A variable speed drive may be controlled at a distance using Viking SCADA units. Depending on the type of drive, the speed may be raised or lowered and other features may be operated. The Viking SCADA units provide automatic shutdown in the case of any system or communication failures.

Field Control and Monitoring

Viking SCADA units allow you to remotely monitor both high and low levels of a tank and control the fill/drain pumps from 25 miles away without interconnecting wires. The Viking SCADA devices provide automatic local and remote alarms for power or system failures, plus full function operation for hours using the internal battery back-up.

Access Control and Monitoring

In this example, we supplied a pair of wireless Viking SCADA 4ADI-5DO3 units to remotely protect monitor and control access to a secure location up to 25 miles away. Alarms are activated whenever access is required or gained. The electrical lock may be controlled remotely or locally. Remote indication is supplied to show if the door is securely closed or is opened, as well as a full visual status of conditions. Alarms indicate all faults and abnormal conditions, such as power fail or forced entry.

Security and Environmental Systems

Without any interconnecting wires, the Viking SCADA 4ADI-5DO3 and our other models can control and continuously monitor environmental systems, such as pumps, fountains, heaters and security devices. Alarms are activated to indicate any fault conditions, and battery back-up provides full operation during power failures.

Multiple Tanks, Pumps and Remote Control Systems

From up to 25 miles and without wires, the Viking SCADA 4ADI-5DO3 and more advanced units can control and continuously monitor multiple pumps, tanks, VSDs, switch contacts, security devices, analog signal input levels, analog output signals and more. Alarms and shutdowns may be activated from any location to indicate fault conditions, with every unit monitoring the network condition and reverting to a known state during error conditions. In the example diagrams, four Viking SCADA units are configured so analog and digital signals may be transmitted and monitored between four locations. Up to 255 Viking SCADA units may be in a single network, providing over 1,000 inputs and outputs.

Simple Systems with Pumps and Tank

In this example, the Viking SCADA 16ADI-9D2AO has integrated controls to implement routines commonly performed with an additional PLC, computer or control logic, including the dual-pump/toggling mode often used for reliability and system test cycles. This removes the need for extra control equipment, allowing additional cost savings, reducing in installation time and reliability improvements. Here, the level of a remote tank is monitored, either by an analog level transducer and/or limit switches. The local pump or pumps may be operated either by a simple contactor or an adjustable analog output signal may be suppled to control the speed of a VSD (variable speed drive). Note that the Viking SCADA provides a very easy interface to these devices, and can even provide the power to the analog tank 4-20mA pressure transducer saving additional costs.