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Product Manuals & Documentation

Download the complete RFSCADA Installation, configuration, operation and programming manuals along with product brochures.

All files are in the Adobe Acrobat format, and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the files. If you do not have it click here to download it. The manuals may be saved to your PC by right clicking on the link, then selecting “Save Target As….” when you will be prompted for the save destination.


Flyers & Brochures

Software Downloads

RFSCADA The main configuration and setup utility for RFSCADA RF4, RF8, and RF16 devices. Allows configuration, setup, monitoring and testing of these RFSCADA devices. Supports new firmware uploads to older RFSCADA products. Version 4.8

RFSCADA32  This is the latest PC configuration and control program for the RFSCADA32. Includes the USB comm  port drivers and Modbus map. Version 2.3 fixed TCP/IP and other minor bugs.

RFMonitor This program shows real time ‘over the air’ radio traffic monitoring. See raw data, decoded RFSCADA packets, Modbus traffic etc. as it occurs. Can also transmit test data for transmitter and antenna testing; built in SWR calculator. Requires a radio connected to the PC serial port. Version 2.2

RFTank This program displays a scrolling graph of tank levels and pump activity for up to 30 days. Connects directly to an RFSCADA set for tank control; may also be used to change and store on/off tank setpoints. Version 1.4

Report This program provides easy viewing and printing of text reports generated by RFSCADA / DAQFactory systems. Version 2.1 supports history event logs, statistical reports, daily maintenance status and maintenance log files.

RFSCADA Firmware Version 4.8  Note: this file has restricted access – call for password. This is the last field installable firmware upgrade for 4/8/16 channel RFSCADA devices that does not support 4G protocol. Use only for compatibility with older installed systems. Version 4.8

RFSCADA Firmware Version 5.7 Note: this file has restricted access – call for password. This is the latest field installable firmware upgrade for RFSCADA 4 / 16 devices that support the 4G protocol for communication with the RF32 and DAQFactory hosts. Includes higher resolution analogs inputs (no hardware changes needed), support for 255 units in a cluster, operation as a slave in mixed classic / 4G modes, more accurate tank level control and many more features. Version 5.7 Note If using as a master with 5.1 or higher installed it can only communicate with 4G capable units ie RF32’s or RF4/16’s with 5.1 or higher installed. 

RFSCADA32V1.8 Firmware  Note: this file has restricted access – call for password. This is the latest field installable firmware upgrade for the RFSCADA32, with the new RTU32Boot upgrade PC software. If needed the USB comm port driver is included in the RFSCADA32 software above. Version 1.8 adds new display and polling modes, improved Modbus support and minor bug fixes.  These are the Maxon radio programming software and USB-serial port driver files for the ACC-2016E radio programming interface.